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When was the toothbrush invented?

Have you ever had something you were super sure you were going to do, but then go together with some friends and spent so much time having fun that you ran out of energy to do that thing you really wanted to do? Ok, well that's what happened with today's Daily Doodle... It was going to be about hummingbirds, but I was tired and not feeling painting a detailed hummingbird. So as I was brushing my teeth, trying to talk myself into doing my Daily Doodle, I thought, a toothbrush is easy enough to paint, and I bet the history is pretty straightforward...

So here we are, in all it's glory, the toothbrush. It has been in existence since around 3000 B.C. as a thin twig with frayed ends, called a chewing stick. and then in 1498 someone made a brush with boar hair bristles which was used all the way up until 1938 when the nylon bristles came into play! All I can say is phew, thank goodness we aren't using hog hair to brush our teeth with, and thank you toothbrush for being simple to paint!

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