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When did the Magic Castle open?

Oh My GOODNESS!!! The Magic Castle is PHENOMENAL!!! (I'm sure you got that from my vlog post) I was lucky enough to get an invite by a magician and a dinner reservation for my birthday weekend! Couldn't be happier. I LOVE MAGIC! I mean, really, really love magic! So what else could I think about other than the Magic Castle... nothing! So, enter Daily Doodle about the Magic Castle!

First, let's start a little further back...The Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) was started in 1951 by William Larson Sr. (a man who loved magic and quit his law firm to take his family on the road as a traveling magic show). The AMA was announced in the April issue of his publication Genii, and all subscribers became instant members and the idea was the advance the art of magic in America. Two years later, Bill Sr. passed away and the AMA soon became nothing more than a memory. The younger of the two sons, Milt, along with his business partner Don Gotschall, bought a rundown old mansion and started working on a magician's clubhouse. Milt also convinced his older brother, Bill Jr. now was the time to bring back the AMA.

The Academy for Magical Arts was incorporated in 1961, and the Magic Castle opened it's doors January 2, 1963. For more juicy details, check out

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