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When did Runts come out?

I'm a huge candy fanatic. I have my favorites, and I know some of my favorites are not fan favorites. Banana runts are one of those candies I think are the bees knees, but some people would rather not taste banana flavoring (poor things miss out on banana popsicles).

Runts are one of the early candies introduced by The Willy Wonky Candy Company, first introduced in 1982. The original flavors were banana, orange, cherry, strawberry and lime. The flavors have changed over the years, the flavor mix change starting in the late 1990s, when watermelon and blue raspberry were added, and lime was discontinued.

In 2007, pineapple and mango were introduced and watermelon, blue raspberry and cherry were discontinued. Then in 2009, green apple and grape were added and pineapple and mango removed, making the current flavors: orange, banana, strawberry, grape, and green apple.

I must not be completely alone in my lover for banana runts. A single flavor version of runts exist called Bananarama, an exclusive Banana Runts product that has been available in 8 oz. containers and two and five-pound bulk bags... guess which one I buy...

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