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What is the flag thing called that sticks out the top of a Hershey's kiss?

Darn it! My friend sent me a post today that said the flag thing sticking out of a Hershey's kiss was called a nigglywiggly! How exciting right?! And I didn't have a Daily Doodle idea yet, so that's perfect... but upon Googling "nigglywiggly", I found the sources to be less than reputable, and no references to back it up. I finally found a facebook post that sent the question to Hershey's and they responded that in fact it was called a "plume". So I changed my question to ask Google, what is the flag called on a Hershey's kiss... and still, several nigglywigglys showed up, but still from those same sources I didn't completely trust.

Then here is, the Pioneer Press, with a timeline. An actual timeline that seemed pretty well researched, and didn't go out on any seemingly thin limbs, so they became my source, and sure enough, they noted Kisses were introduced July 7th, 1907 and the distinctive "plume" was added to Kisses in 1921.

As bummed as I was to discover the plume was not called a nigglywiggly, the fact I LOVE Hershey's kisses is still true! I don't know if I can pick a favorite flavor, but I sure like trying them to try and find out. What's your favorite flavor?

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