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What is the elevation difference on Maui?

I would like to start off by saying I love Maui! I love being warm, there's some crazy wind going on right now and warm storm wind and rain is kind of my jam. That being said, my paint is drying almost before it touches the paper... so these doodles have me questioning what's happening to my artistic style. I usually blend pretty well and get solid colors, but in Hawaii I'm a texture girl apparently. Welcome to the islands. Speaking of islands... it's kind of crazy when you are on the beach and you have a mountain towering over you, it's top extending beyond the clouds so you can't see the summit... which of course makes me curious what the elevation difference is here.

The lowest point of elevation on Maui is sea level, so "zero", and Haleakala is the highest point, reaching an impressive 10,023 feet above sea level! And, interesting fact, would be the second tallest mountain in the world (behind Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii) if you measured from the base some 19,000+ feet below sea level. Wild right?!

The elevation height of course can make the weather interesting. Did you know Maui actually gets snow?! Yes, for realsies, it's rare, but about every five years the winter will be cold enough and actually last winter snow was spotted at 6200 feet! A new Hawaii state record.

I'm perfectly happy staying around sea level with the sunshine (and current warm rain and wind). After all that is why I come to Maui!

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