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What is New Mexico's state gem?

I'm a bit overwhelmed since deciding I am going to be creating art for submission to the Women's Exhibition at the Josephy Center. So I wanted to make my doodle quick today, no futzing around researching and deliberating, just cold hard facts. So I went to this day in history and found out New Mexico became the 47th state this day in history (as well as many other fun facts), on January 6, 1912 to be exact.

Then I thought about it, and I wanted a bit more of a challenge than the outline of New Mexico, so I decided to inquire about their state gem. Go figure, it's TURQUOISE! They declared turquoise as their state gem March 23, 1967. According to, Arizona also has a state gem of turquoise, though they didn't declare it until 1974. Nevada also lists a kind or turquoise (Nevada Turquoise) along with Virgin Valley Black Fire Opal, both in 1987 (and very specific).

We actually went hunting for a turquoise mine over New Years, but decided day 5 of a semi-cold camping adventure was not the day to hike two miles straight up a shaley mountain face... sounds like me, am I right?!

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