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Daily Doodle Messenger - Day 5: Antelope

Day 5 - Antelope

Symbolism: Watchful, dedicated, focus, quick-witted, stamina, instincts, communication, grace, pure heart.

Message: Its time to take action on that goal or dream you’ve had. Make sure you have taken a step back to allow for a complete view of the situation. Be dedicated and commit to the long run. Trust your instincts/intuition. You have the wit and stamina to go the distance.

Know you are loved. It may not feel that way, perhaps like you have been left by the wayside, but that’s not the case. Reach out, open your arms (and your heart), and let someone in.

I encourage you to share any insights, ah-ha moments, or special messengers that have graced you with a message.

Love and light,


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