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How long has hot cocoa been around?

Happy Friday the 13th! One of my favorite days in the year:) Did you know there can be as many as 3 Friday the 13ths in a single year! But at least one, and sometimes two... and I'm celebrating them all! I'm weird like that I suppose. I love full moons, and LOVE LOVE LOVE black cats! Next year there will be a full moon on Halloween, and I'm certain a black kitten will be born that day and I can get it for a Christmas present 8 weeks later:) But we're getting off track...

So back to the Daily Doodle... Happy National Hot Cocoa Day! What a day to have it too, it's chilly! So let's get to the bottom of this question. How long has hot cocoa been around? Well, there is not a clear date, but between 3000-4000 years ago the cacao plant was cultivated in what is now Southern Mexico by the Olmec. The nibs from the plant were ground into a paste and mixed with water to create a chocolate drink. It was energizing and a mood booster (go figure). It was also believed to have mystic qualities, so it was reserved for important figures at religious ceremonies.

Chocolate was passed to the Mayan's who passed it to the Aztecs. The Aztecs really went wild with the stuff. Cacao beans were taken from conquered people and Montezuma II would drink goblet after goblet! He deemed it a drink for himself, other royalty and those in military service. Ultimately, Cortes conquered the Aztecs and brought chocolate to Spain, and then it began to expand around Europe and then the world.

Chocolate was even used as a medicine of sorts for Americans during wars. It would be administered to sick and wounded in order to expedite recovery! Hot cocoa was served to soldiers in both WWI and was included in soldier rations in WWII.

My Nutella Cocoa today (see vlog for recipe) definitely put a pep in my step, though I'm glad I don't have to fight anyone in order to be worthy of it... I'm just not a fighter, even if it's for chocolate:)

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