Jun 5, 2022 - Jun 27, 2022

Manifesting with the Magic of the Moon - Gemini

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With the New Moon in Gemini you are being given a fresh start. A time to reevaluate and redirect your energy. This astrological event will spark extra creativity and help you find balance in life. This is the perfect time to clarify and commit to communication, with others and with yourself. Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, is also in the mix which will encourage finding a better balance in your life and to move through any obstacles in your path. You may not be a marathon runner at the moment, but you can set a plan and start to follow it which will move you towards the finish line. It's important to listen to your intuition about the next move on your journey to following your dreams. We will use the lunar cycle to set intentions, release what no longer serves our higher purpose and manifest your dreams. Gemini is an air sign that generates creativity, fun and energy. The sign's energy is about ideas, play and freedom.

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