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Jun 29, 2022 - Jul 25, 2022

Manifesting with the Magic of the Moon - Cancer

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With the New Moon in Cancer we find ourselves one third of the way through the Zodiac calendar. Summer Solstice just took place last week and this marks a perfect time to recommit to what you want to create for yourself and in your life. Did you make big plans for the New Year, or perhaps even during Aries season, but felt tired, blocked or knocked off track? Well, this is the ideal time to realign and get things going in the direction you want to be heading! If you're feeling good about where you are, this can give you some extra manifesting power! We will use the lunar cycle to set intentions, release what no longer serves our higher purpose and manifest dreams. Cancer is the sign of caring, nurturing, and intuition. This water sign has a protective outer shell, but on the inside, it’s soft and sensitive. This energy is about making you feel seen and loved – just as you are. Under this new moon, any intention you set is amplified with Cancer’s power. I will be sharing the magic you can expect from this sign and this lunar cycle, as well as how you can use this information to empower your decisions and get on the inside track to your ideal life.

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Manifesting with the Magic of the Moon - Cancer

Manifesting with the Magic of the Moon - Cancer

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